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      “第四屆亞洲新生兒醫學論壇”暨“第八屆上海國際新生兒醫學論壇” 將于2021年7月15日~17日在上海舉行。本次大會由復旦大學附屬兒科醫院、國家兒童醫學中心、國家衛健委新生兒疾病重點實驗室主辦,瑞典哥德堡大學、加拿大新生兒協作網協辦。我們非常誠摯地邀請您參加會議。










Dear colleagues and friends:

        It is our pleasure to announce that “the 4th Asia Neontal Forum”and“The 8th Shanghai Neonatal Forum” is to be held on July 15~17, 2021 in Shanghai, China. This meeting is organized by Children’s Hospital of Fudan University(China), National Children`s Medical Center(China), Key Laboratory of Neonatal Diseases of National Health Commission(China), University of Gothenburg(Sweden), Canadian Neonatal Network(Canada). We cordially invite you to attend the meeting. Your participation and contribution will make this forum more successful.

      “Asia Neonatal Forum”and“Shanghai Neonatal Forum” is to be held periodically every two years and will focus on the advance and hot topics in neonatology. The topics for this year are “neonatal critical illness and management of preterm infants”. There are many world known neonatologists and scientists from North America, Europe, Asia and China as well attending the forum, and the very latest advances and thoughts on neonatal critical illness and management of preterm infants will be presented by speakers who are advancing the field with some new discoveries. Also there will be more discussion on various topics. The forum provides a great opportunity for all participants to exchange knowledge and share experiences.

       We are looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai.




Chao Chen, Bo Sun and Wenhao Zhou

Chairman of the 4th Asia Neonatal Forum and the 8th Shanghai Neonatal Forum

Department of Neonatology, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University 

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